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Long Arm Quilting Services

I am the proud owner of a Bernina Q24 Long Arm Quilting machine with QMatic computerization.  I can offer you full long arm quilting services for both edge to edge and computerized custom quilting.  We will work together to finish your quilt exactly the way you want.   


EDGE TO EDGE QUILTING:             $.03/square inch

CUSTOM QUILTING:                        starts at $.035/square inch

Minimum quilting fee:               $55

Batting:                                        call or email for pricing

How to calculate:

Measure the length and width of your quilt.  Multiply them.  Take that total and multiply by price per square inch.  Example: Quilt measures 62" x 78".  62 x 78 = 4836 x .03 = $145.08

Bag Quilting
Are you a bag maker?  Do you like quilted bags, like ByAnnie's?  I can quilt your sandwiches!    
1 yard cut          $55
2 yard cut          $80
Price includes basic E2E quilting to desired scale.
Need Soft and Stable?  I can help with that too.  add $15 for 1 yard or $30 for 2 yards.

What to Expect

The quilting process can be scary, right?  You've spent all this time piecing your top and now what?  Hand it over and trust it to a stranger?  Well, yes and no...I've got you covered.  Your quilt is as important to me as it is you!  And we will work together to get you exactly what you want.

Please bring your quilt fully pressed and ready to quilt (on a hanger preferably).  Backing...please add 6" on all sides of your quilt for ease of quilting.  Backing should be pressed and ready to go as well.  

Need batting?  I've got that covered too.  I use Quilter's Dream batting in both cotton and poly.  Just reach out if you need pricing.   

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